Here are other projects I’ve worked on and stuff I find interesting.

DocuSign and Go

More screen compositing with two screens: father with laptop and woman at airport with cell phone.

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Ring Central – Glip

Work on this video involved not only compositing the screens but also rebuilding and animating the screen content.

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Overwhelming Graphics

I composited and animated the motion graphics in the shot 15 seconds into this video.

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In the opening shot, I changed the sky from overcast to something more balmy. I also worked on the screen composites and animated the screen content.

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I was in charge of animating all the titles and did the 3D tracking for other graphics with Boujou.

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Man From Reno

This film I worked on just won Best Narrative Feature at the Los Angeles Film Festival. Huge congrats to Dave Boyle and the entire cast and crew! Official website here

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